Electronic data interchange by EDIGURUS
Simply EDI.
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The use of electronic communication in procurement allows the automatic check and booking of the messages of your suppliers. Since approximately 80% of all items in the order confirmations and invoices lie within permissible tolerances, this can save a lot of time which is missing today in the pursuit of critical processes.
For Your
Own Company
EDIGURUS automates the checking and booking of the incoming messages, the basic procedures in your company and the data maintenance in your ERP system is not changed, of course.
You can combine different modules into an individual solution:
Integration into SAP® Interface to other ERP Systems Interface to Archiving Systems
Individual Layout of the Messages Adaptable Checks for every Supplier Benchmarks for Suppliers and Statistics
For Your Business Partners
For your business partners, we have various possibilities to participate in digital communication.
Smaller companies and companies with a small volume of transactions will be integrated using our EDIGURUS-Portal via email and intelligent PDFs.
If your business partner already uses another EDI solution, openTRANS offers a feasable transfer format.
If your co-operation partner is connected to another EDI network, we can certainly build an interface to it.
Portal openTRANS Other EDI Networks
And the best thing about our services is, that your business partners will not be charged for our services.
About Us
EDIGURUS was founded in 2015 in Ulm, Germany.
Our goal is to make all processes around the use of electronic communication (EDI) between companies as easy as possible. This means, on the one hand, to reduce the communication to the essential content and, on the other hand, to deploy a far-reaching intelligence to our services. This in mind, we created a transfer format on the bases of PDFs with an integrated data record, which is the foundation of all our products.
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